Our Marquees

We offer two main types of marquees. Our multi peak Espree marquees are our most popular combining contemporary looks with modular design. They can be erected in unusual spaces not suitable for traditional types of marquee and can be joined together lengthways or side-by-side with a gutter system which  keeps the aesthetics of the style whilst offering maximum flexibility. They can be fitted with or without see through 'windows' and/or solid 'walls' to keep out wind and rain. We can offer three different sizes ranging from 57ft long to 30ft long.

An Espree 148 and 102 joined lengthways

We also have single peak Pagoda marquees, sometimes known as 'Chinese Hat' marquees. These are ideal as a standalone tent for smaller events such as garden parties or can be used as a catering tent or extra space for larger events such as weddings. This style also lends itself particularly well for a trade stand or shop at a show or fair with 36 metres squared of uninterrupted space inside. As with the Espree's they can be put up with or without windows or walls installed. In certain circumstances they can also be erected on a hard surface using weights, useful for shows and private use alike.

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